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How I Got My First 3 Customers

The stories of how entrepreneurs started their own businesses and the steps for you to do the same.

Eric Barstow

Paint Job Lead Generator

Noah Kagan

Payments for Facebook Games

Adam Gilbert

Body Tutor

Will Fraser

Referral SaaSquatch

James Gill

GoSquared Analytics

Andrew Kingston

Chief Event Organizer

Rory Bolen

Strategic Creative Agency

David Clinton III

Business Consulting

Mari Quezada CPA

Accounting & Consulting

Paul Tselekidis

Kidis Creative

Todd Heslin

Blogger & Podcast Host

Andrew Chen

Tech Blog

Nirav Shah

Software Consulting



Sonja Keller

Mindful Living

Ryan Cote

WordPress SEO

Johnson Goh

Korean Pop Music Applications

CariƱo Cortez

Pop Up Dinner Chef

Leo Lei


Maneesh Sethi

Blogger Consultant

Kareem Mayan

B2B SaaS

Dan Norris

WP Curve

Cody McKibben

Small Business Incubator

Ellen Ercolini

Business Coach

Bryan Harris

It's been a wild ride!

Rob Pene

Digital Marketing

Nate Finch

Finch Professional Services

Vojtech Svarc

StartAppYard - Exclusive Source Codes

Summer Fisher

Model Scout Busy Models

Jayne Day

Online Marketing

Sean Arnold

House Painting

Matteo Lombardi

Cosmetic Goods

Edlin Choi

Paleo Meals

Mark Winstein

Butterfly Wallet

Josh Layhue

Gi Patches

Nicky Moran

Coaching Creatives

Matt Goldenberg

Self-Made Renegade

Nuno Morgadinho

WordPress Design & Development

Philip Cortes

Travel Journal

Skye Chilton

iPhone Cases

Andre Lang

Consumer Finance

Nick Petro

Employee Connector

Mark Gowland

Pure Creation

Yamile Yemoonyah

Websites & Marketing for Artists

Ritu Ashrafi

Twentysomethings Girl Coach

Nick Reese

Email Marketing for Real Estate

Nathalie Lussier

Digital Strategist

Delia Olmedo

Language Lessons

Josh Maitland

Recording Studio

Stanford Smith

Content Tactician

Brent Riling

Samantha Leith

Entrepreneurial Diva

Ellissa Jayne

Websites and Branding

Jeffrey Shaw

Wine Enthusiast


Pink Cubicle

Jose Casanova

Trader Education

Imran Esmail

Hotel Revenue Management SaaS

Nitie Mehta

Professional Websites

Jon Kohrs

Fresh Eggs

John Lamerand

Websites & Photography

Douglas Lim

Digital Agency

Jesse Clymer

Hemp Authority

Stuart McKeown

Social Marketing

Tom Fox

DevOps Consulting

Kevin Chau


George Gilmer

Nimble Candle

Yolanda Solo

Motivation Coach

Jake Hower

Automation Software

Derek Murphy

Book Cover Design

Terry Lin

E-Commerce Podcaster and Blogger

Shane Lee


Julien Marion

Dance & Fitness

Jacki Schklar

Army-of-1 Marketing


Glass Screen Protector

Kevin Englund

Supplement sales

J Washburn

Author Adventure

Jared Loman

Coffee Subscription