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Douglas Lim, Digital Agency

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Douglas Lim

Digital Agency

Just under 5 years ago, I started a digital agency helping clients get to the top of Google, getting people talking about them on social media and helping them gain a great online presence. It's been amazing growth in the last 2 years but we didn't start off like that.

My first client was a band that needed a website. I met them in a pub and they wanted to do some gigs around town. That was a referral from a friend. The next client was an international client in the US who was another referral from a friend. Finally, I cracked a major client being our third client. They wanted to come to our office to see what the company was about and at the time, we didn't have an office! So we borrowed a friend's office and decked it out with IKea furniture and the rest is history.

The Tip

To whet your beak

Have a massive dream and get others on board with your dream.

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