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Gabriel, App SEO

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.



When I started to work in App store optimization I realized that not a lot of people really understood what the heck was ASO. In fact I was one of the only guys out there talking about SEO for apps.
(I knew the idea has important, and this was going to be an important industry, but I had no clue how to reach my audience or get customers)

My initial idea was to start spamming every single app developer out there with a "hey hire me please", but I knew that the whole idea of unrequested commercial emails (spam) will never really work.

So I knew I had to create a name and a brand for myself first in the app development community.
So I decided to write the first book about App store optimization out there and give it away to as many developers I could.

I hit Facebook, Google +, Twitter, forums, blog comments, you name it.
I offered the book to everyone, even to people that told me to bugger off....

I knew my book was my presentation card.

Once I published the book I worked on launching a podcast about ASO.
(pretty weird, considering it was just me, like a crazy maniac talking to myself in front of a mic).

With the combination of podcasting, plus giving my book to everyone and anyone.... small app developers started to contact me to hire me to optimize their apps.
After small app developers came and gone paying me pennies, bigger app agencies contacted me with bigger apps, larger budgets, cooler projects.

I knew that I made it when I started to optimize for clients, apps that my kids were playing with in their iPads.

Gabriel Machuret
ASO Professional

The Tip

To whet your beak

Try to produce an insane amount of value BEFORE charging, then it's impossible for people NOT to hire you.

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