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Will Fraser, Referral SaaSquatch

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Will Fraser

Referral SaaSquatch

My co-founders and I came to work one day and told the team, we think it’s time for a pivot.

Our first attempts at the company had led us to create a company called YUPIQ. We had some pretty cool brands using our product, thousands of free users signing up a month but we weren’t getting the revenue we needed to justify moving forward.

We told everyone in the company they could knock anything down, and build anything they wanted as long as it was based on what we had learned about customer referral programs at YUPIQ.

We gave everyone 2 days to define the problem areas of the company, brainstorm some new directions, and do the required research. Then, we picked two ideas, split the company into teams, and gave each team just 5 days to get as many paying customers as they could.

This would determine where we went next!

In those 5 days we called, emailed, web chatted with every possible customer we could. With nothing, not even a mockup of our product we secured our first visionary customer and we had a handful more excited to sign up. These weren’t free customers, or discounted customers; they were full price paying customers.

It took us another week or so to create mockups and PDF proposals to get the final sign off from our next couple customers. But, in two weeks we had pivoted the company, signed up our first few customers and had revenue committed as soon as we could deliver.

This is how Referral SaaSquatch got our first 3 customers.

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Sell your vision to visionaries before you sell reality to realists

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