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Mari Quezada CPA, Accounting & Consulting

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Mari Quezada CPA

Accounting & Consulting

When I passed my Certified Public Accounting exam, I had been working at a public accounting firm for about 6 years. I had a unique background of small businesses and bookkeeping for a CPA and I wanted to incorporate that on my own. I took the big leap and started my own firm at home.

I initially posted an ad on Craigslist, specifying exactly what I was good at: QuickBooks, bookkeeping, tax, etc and had great luck with meeting small to medium local businesses that needed more help than just a tax accountant once a year. I realized that good bookkeepers were really hard to find and most certified public accountants will not touch that type of work. I also responded to a few Craigslist ads from businesses that needed bookkeeping work part time (or even full time) and found that most of the work they needed I could help with at home, quoting a monthly fee. At the time, I really only needed a few clients to be lucrative. I had just had a baby at the time so the more I could work from home and schedule my own time, the more it would be advantageous for me.

Yet, I strived (and still strive) to be customer-centric and I always want my clients to feel comfortable calling, texting, emailing me with quick responses. At other firms, I had received feedback from clients about bills for a "phone call" or an email, and I want to be a part of every one of my client's successes in their businesses, whether it be by helping them do their books, doing financial analysis or preparing tax work. I didn't want them to "not want to" call me in fear of a huge bill while missing out on information that could help their business. I truly enjoy my work as well as my clients. Enjoying what you do makes it easy to get your first customer, and as many as you would like to follow. I don't pay for any advertising or marketing. All of my clients come from referrals now (no more Craigslist now but it sure did jump start my business).


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Be accessible, ask questions and listen. Work with you want to work with. It makes your work more enjoyable and your business grow.

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