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Vojtech Svarc, StartAppYard - Exclusive Source Codes

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Vojtech Svarc

StartAppYard - Exclusive Source Codes

When I first got into the app game, I decided to create a separate facebook profile dedicated purely to mobile apps. I was joining, liking and befriending everything and anything related to mobile apps. That way every time I logged into my new profile, all I could see on my wall was app stuff. That helped me to stay focus, informed and it also allowed me to make some great friends in the industry.

Thanks to this accidental networking hack, I now have more app developer friends than real life friends on my personal profile. So when we launched StartAppYard getting our first customers was easy! All I had to do was to reach out to my friends and they were more than happy to follow.

Vojtech Svarc
founder of

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Network, connect, provide value and build relationships. It will make it that much easier to promote your product when people you're promoting to are your friends.

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