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Samantha Leith, Entrepreneurial Diva

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Samantha Leith

Entrepreneurial Diva

Word of mouth, social media and hustle baby!

I've always been a multi-tasking, multi-career kinda person. From singing opera to hip-hop, sales, accounting and a brief stint in radio. People used to ask me 'how do you manage it all?'. I thought it was what everyone just did......then I started talking to people and hearing their business dramas.

Coming back to them with a solution was how it all started. It pains me to see people work so hard with so little return, so I set about changing that. I wanted everyone I came in contact with to work Smart Not Hard - simple as that. I don't want people to under (or over) plan, not understand the numbers and not have a clear focused direction for their business. If that's the case - chances are they just have a crap job, where they're the boss!

One found me on Facebook via a family member, one from a networking event and one was an ex-accounting client of mine.

My first 3 customers, weren't my ideal clients, but it's a bit like when you start dating - you have to be really clear about what you want and can give in return. Whenever I was asked that dreaded question 'what do you do?' my response was 'I help business owners get their shit together'!

I gave lots of great content away, including my Ditch It, Delegate It, Leverage It and Live It plan, whipped up a pretty crap website (it's a lot nicer now there's been a lot more customers) and just started asking.

At first it was hand holding coaching as I grew my reputation and my arsenal of content, strategy and programs.

These days I prefer to work with my clients totally online or from the stage - you see it's my #3 passion to Entertain, Empower and Educate everybody I come in contact with, and you can get the weekly Diva Dose of that at is opening up again soon, and I can't wait to see the change in people when they Start, Grow and Master a Smart Not Hard Business.

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Business starts with your passion and you find success when you work Smart Not Hard.

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