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Sonja Keller, Mindful Living

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Sonja Keller

Mindful Living

It all started with an idea.

An idea to share everything I knew about psychology, mindfulness, health and wellness. Using my years of experience in teaching and social work, I came up with a product that consisted of an e-book and accompanying workbook called Healthy Mind Happy Body - 10 Steps to a Happier, Healthier You.

Next I designed a Website I really enjoyed the creative pursuit of putting it all together and sharing everything I was passionate about with the mind/body connection.

My first three customers signed up to receive weekly mind/body newsletters and bought my e-book and e-workbook.

From here, I offered one-to-one counselling, mindfulness therapy and life coaching; designed an online Mindful Parenting Program, a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course and launched a Mindfulness in the Workplace Series, all of which are lucrative streams of income.

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