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Nicky Moran, Coaching Creatives

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Nicky Moran

Coaching Creatives

I never try and sell myself, I learnt that it's better to ask great questions..

My first lesson on this was when I visited creative networking forums in London. I would be sitting in the audience listening to the advice of a panel of experts. I would always put my hand up to ask questions that related to my business.

I would always start by saying "I'm Nicky Moran, and I help ambitious creatives, such as artists, photographers, singers who want to be successful to step up their careers. My question is..."

The panel would give great advice, but to my surprise, I would always have at least three creatives coming to find me afterwards, wanting my services.

I genuinely didn't do this strategically, I was simply curious and wanted the advice for my own knowledge.

I've continued with this approach and always ask questions in networking situations. The simple act of being really curious always seems to lead me to getting great clients.

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To attract clients it helps to ask great questions

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