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Matt Goldenberg, Self-Made Renegade

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Matt Goldenberg

Self-Made Renegade

As a liberal arts student, it was very clear to me there was a gap in the career advice market. There is so much advice on what to do in college, and lots of advice on what to do in your career, but nothing on how to bridge the gap.

As someone who had studied how to get a job without a degree in the field, and done it successfully, I mocked up a quick sales page detailing a six month curriculum that taught other liberal arts grad how to do the same thing.

Then, I found the highest priced, most premium product in the "Get Hired" space, and wrote a review of it. The review was honest, and pointed out that there was a crucial element missing from this product for liberal arts grads. My first 3 customers were people who were looking for alternatives to that high priced product, found my review, and loved what I had to say.

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