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Jesse Clymer, Hemp Authority

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Jesse Clymer

Hemp Authority

Starting my own business has been something I've wanted to do since a child (I made my first run of graphic tees when I was 15 years old and actually turned a profit). Trying to help the planet and stop us from destroying it has also been a passion of mine. So when I finally found the perfect way to put the two together, Hemp Authority was born.

I saw the lack of a one stop shop for Eco-friendly products online, and knew it was something I could do. I built the website off of WordPress with very limited programming knowledge, and had it operational and the end of 2012. In January, Michael from California was our first customer. In February, Eric from New Hampshire and Daniel from Texas made our first three.

Since then, we've had a steady growth in sales every month. Now we are laying out strategies for hiring employees, working on forming partnerships with other hemp companies, and developing our own products that aren't available anywhere else. For more information on the company, you can visit

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