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David Clinton III, Business Consulting

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

David Clinton III

Business Consulting

I've been helping business owners make money, save money, and save time for years with my experience, research, & advice. The only problem was I was doing it for free...

After I sold my first business a year ago, I decided to see if people would pay for my advice and experience of 7 years running a small services business. Getting the first paying clients was the hard part.

I started DC3 Consulting by striking up conversations with the owners of small businesses I already patronized. My first three clients were the local birth center where my wife had our baby, my chiropractor, and my optometrist. I try to always make it clear that I don't charge for my initial assessment of their business, so there's no risk to sit down and have a conversation. By the time I show them the value I can add and the drastic ways their lives will change with my help, they're sold. For those that are hesitant to even have that initial conversation, I've offered to barter (since I'm using their services anyway).

My first clients have all been ecstatic with the work I performed, which has led them to give me strong, legitimate referrals.

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Strike up a conversation. Give free value up front. Do excellent work, and then procure referrals.

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