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Jacki Schklar, Army-of-1 Marketing

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Jacki Schklar

Army-of-1 Marketing

My first sale was about 5 minutes after posting a marketing service inquiry on Facebook. A successful referral from that followed almost immediately and within 52 hours I had landed 3 fine new clients and the foundation for a new marketing business consulting sole proprietors or marketing departments consisting of one person.

Following Noah's Wantpraneurs program, I was able to strategize and focus service offerings with precision and feel confident after validation that my skillset is not just out there in the cosmos waiting for my next employer to profit from me. It is put to use helping my small business clients structure marketing priorities and tasks to reach entirely realistic goals with just one marketing person.

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Repackaging your current assets to solve everyday problems in a unique way + validation = confidence and success.

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