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Bryan Harris, It's been a wild ride!

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Bryan Harris

It's been a wild ride!

The story of my first 3 customers is rather boring. How I got my next 100 is the part that nearly anyone can emulate. I'll tackle them in order.

First a little background on my business. My business was started as a result of taking HTMYFD. I went into the course with one idea in mind and I came out of it with a completely different, yet fully validated, business.

The brain child of HTMYFD and myself is I make and teach people how to make awesome promo videos.

My first 3 customers came through the HTMYFD Facebook group. It just so happened to be populated with highly engaged members of my exact target market. I setup a quick Gumroad page ( and posted a link on the Facebook page. I advertised a course in which I would teach people how to make very high quality promo videos. I included in my post and sales page multiple examples of these videos.

Within less than 48 hours I had sold multiple $29 courses. I then upped the price to $35 and then $49 and then to $97. The higher I raised the price the more courses sold. To date I have pre-sold 78 courses and hope to release the course in the very near future.

What took my business to the next level though was a different strategy entirely. My #1 most successful marketing strategy has been giving completely unsolicited but incredibly awesome videos away for free.

I've used the strategy to be featured on websites with established audiences that are key targets for my product and services. After being featured on I received over 300 leads, Gary Vaynerchuk produces 150 leads, KISSmetrics produced 75 leads and TwistedImage returned 45 leads. All of these leads have converted to just over $18,000 in sales for contracted video work.

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Pinpoint your exact audience then partner with companies that already have the attention of this audience. Then provide a benefit for them to tell their audience about you.

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