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Rob Pene, Digital Marketing

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Rob Pene

Digital Marketing

When I first ventured into the entrepreneurial world as a digital marketing service provider, I began with an easily accessible skill, customizing and tailoring Wordpress websites for small businesses, other entrepreneurs and non profits. I didn't have a portfolio to show others my work, so I decided to employ a "FREE for THREE" approach.

I asked 3 of friends, who I knew had a business but either had an old geocities or yahoo website, or no website at all. I approached them about creating their website to add to my portfolio, in exchange for a referral to their friends who might need a website for their business.

After completing the first three websites, I simultaneously launched a promotional effort using these three sites as my showcase portfolio, and asked each of my friends to send their friends to my promotional landing page.

The promotion ran for 30 days and along with the referrals from my friends, I paid for a single email blast on a list that I was a part of and was exclusive to a demographic that I knew had a need for quality websites.

In my first month of business, I landed my first 30 paying clients :)

Since then, I've scaled to offer more than just websites but videography, graphic design, and my flagship SEO services. I've also been able to manage my freelance business while working with a specific niche industry as the Digital Marketing Director for multiple companies.

"Digital Marketing with a Purpose"

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