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William Chen, Chinese Marketing

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

William Chen

Chinese Marketing

I essentially paid for my first client. But everyone told me that a business isn't successful until you have your first paid customer. So I ended up making $1 from a local frozen yoghurt shop.

I got my second client (an online startup) by being confident in how much value I can provide them, and doing almost half the work upfront before they knew that they were my client. I got my 'future-potential' client 20 customers in 2 days, and then approached them!

I got my third client by impressing the stakeholders with 3 mind boggling magic tricks (I am a professional magician on the side) and promising I will teach them any 1 of their choosing, if they were to become a client. It was an easy sell.

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Show so much value that potential clients see that they will actually be losing money by not signing up!

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