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Summer Fisher, Model Scout Busy Models

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Summer Fisher

Model Scout Busy Models

I had been a model for a number of years so I had some knowledge of the model industry. After having my first child in my mid 20's I knew I still wanted to be in the business but I did not want to own a traditional bricks and mortar agency. I wanted to maintain my location independence so I decided to start a mother agency dealing only with scouting models. I felt like I had a gift for seeing model potential and basically just went with my gut.

I searched online talent sites to find my first model, I convinced her and her parents to let me manage her, came up with a strategy to promote her and 6 months later she was shooting the cover of Vogue. During this same 6 months I scoured shopping centres where I found my second girl and a teen careers convention where I found my 3rd model. 4 years later these 3 girls are all full time international models and I have 40 more.

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Go with your gut feeling. If you feel deep down like you have a gift for something just go for it!

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