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Shane Lee, Author

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Shane Lee


Instead of 3, make that my first 74 customers. I had just written my very first book on iOS app development and it received pretty good reviews from a small crew of developers who were my beta-readers. Back then, I was pretty naive and automatically assumed my awesome book was going to be critically acclaimed and become a commercial bestseller.

Unfortunately, reality had other plans and I launched it to almost universal indifference. In other words, nobody bought s**t. Undeterred, I planned out a promotional strategy revolving around outreach to bloggers, content marketing and forum posting.

I started off with forum posting and announced the release of my book by offering a free ebook on a related topic. I didn't pitch my book at all - just included the title and a link in my signature.

I did this in 2 popular iOS developer forums and it barely garnered a response. I was actually worried about posting my offer in a 3rd forum cos this particular forum was known to have a fairly tough crowd and I didn't know how my book would be received.

Long story short, I bit the bullet, made the post and my negligible sales increased from 1-2 a day to 74 the day after. I also got some valuable feedback about my book that I used to refine my subsequent titles.

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The Tip

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Find out where your customers hang out and let them know about your product. Whether it succeeds or not, take the opportunity to get valuable feedback from your target audience.

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