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Nick Reese, Email Marketing for Real Estate

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Nick Reese

Email Marketing for Real Estate

In 2006 I got a summer job as marketing coordinator inside a luxury real estate firm.

This was a low paying $10/hr job with too many responsibilities and not enough time.

After 3 weeks on the job, I had systematized all but one of my "day to day" marketing responsibilities making not only me more productive, but everyone else.

The only thing that was left was systemizing email marketing, but there was only one provider in town and they had exorbitant fees and slow turn around.

Realizing, I couldn't improve someone else's system. I took the project home and created a game plan.

After 2 weeks of work in my spare time I had a prototype of how this company could streamline their email marketing efforts and save 80% on their marketing costs.

When I showed my boss, I was immediately turned down due to office politics.

Infuriated, I began talking with the president of the company and later convinced him to hire me as a remote consultant just before returning to college.

Within 2 weeks of offering my services my fledgling company was servicing 65 real estate agents in 3 offices.

I soon found out, that many other real estate firms were frustrated with the disfunction of the first provider, so I continued to gain market share for years.

I sold my business ( in 2010 and now I teach freelancers and consultants how to scale their businesses from just a few customers to a stead flow of their ideal customers.

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