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Nick Petro, Employee Connector

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Nick Petro

Employee Connector

After leaving a wall street firm due to SEVERE mismanagement, I realized that many of the problems that company faced were shared by other firms. Well, someone had to fix this so off I went.

I spent the first few weeks interviewing potential customers and designing the service to fit what they indicated they wanted. It was through these connections that I found my first customers. Once I had something built, I reached out and offered the service for free to a few of them. After about 2 months, I had converted 4/5 to paying customers and we were on our way. It's only been ~6 months but they're all still with us.

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To whet your beak

Interview before you build! Offer the service in exchange for feedback. If it's good they'll be hooked, if it's not, you know you need to tweak it.

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