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Kevin Englund, Supplement sales

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Kevin Englund

Supplement sales

I wanted to start taking supplements myself as part of a health and fitness program but realized how frustrating it was to figure out which ones to take, what was safe and what wasn't. In the end I managed to gain a considerable amount of knowledge on supplements from reading about each products various ingredients in scientific literature. I also asked everyone I knew what they suggested and what worked for them. In the end I lost 30 pounds in 30 days using supplements and nutrition alone.

When I bumped into friends and other people I knew who hadn't seen me for a while they all started to ask me how I did it and what I was taking. I would explain how safe and how easily it could be done with the right balance of nutrition and supplementation and knowing exactly what to take and when.

One good friend who wanted to lose weight asked me if I could tell her what to take and set her up with a plan. I added that I could also sell her the supplements. She said sure and that was my first customer.

After she started to lose weight and had made a re-order she told me her friends were noticing how much better she looked and had been asking about using what she was taking. That is how I ended up with my next 2 customers.

Now people are being referred to me through the customers I already have and each one gets as much advice from me as possible on what to take before I sell them anything. I've realized that the products aren't what people are buying they are buying my advice based on what they see in other customers and because of that they trust my recommendations.

I haven't set up a website and the only thing I have is a pdf catalog that doubles as an order form with my email address at the bottom. I send the catalog to people who I think may be interested or who have been referred. I don't even have a company name yet but people keep buying because they trust me.

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Be as honest and open as possible with your customers. They need to be comfortable with you and trust you. Without trust there is no loyalty.

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