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Johnson Goh, Korean Pop Music Applications

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Johnson Goh

Korean Pop Music Applications

We're building apps for KPop fans. So, to validate, we went on to KPop forums and started hanging out there. From there, besides going to meetups, we started off bribing KPop fans by buying lunch for them. And then, we interviewed them on the problems that they faced.

Found out that they are facing problems with finding content on mobile and would love to know what the latest merchandise are. We interviewed 15 people. We then asked them what kinda merchandise they want, and we bought it and sold it to them and made 5 sales. Then, we proceeded to build the app to scale the business.

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To whet your beak

Don't underestimate forums. We Googled "kpop forums" and reached out to fans from there.

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