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John Lamerand, Websites & Photography

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

John Lamerand

Websites & Photography

I was busy; busy making other people money. Friends knew they could call for advice. Two months ago I'd had enough. One of my oldest friends was telling me that their brother had quoted an astronomical figure to build a website for them. So I stepped up to the plate and, you'll love this, Noah: using some of the material I learned through the Treehouse course I bought at AppSumo I stated calmly that I was the man. He was intrigued, asked me what I knew and I told him I knew enough to get him online and looking sharp. First sale.

Once the site was live, I went to a local businessman and struck up a conversation. He said he'd been planning to have a site for a long time. Sale number two. So I took this momentum and started looking through my emails. Who needed help and was likely to be able to afford it? One hour later I had secured sale number three... and some of the maybes that I got along the way are starting to come around.

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You never really know what your prospective customer is thinking. Their timing might be spot on but you'll never know unless you make the call.

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