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George Gilmer, Nimble Candle

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

George Gilmer

Nimble Candle

While working at an online marketing agency as a paid search manager I began to take clients in my spare time. Eventually I was forced to form a company and Nimble Candle was born!

While at a barbecue I offered to help a friend of a friend by taking a look at their AdWords account. Right there at the party I walked them through the account and offered advice for optimizations and tweaks. A couple of months later they approached me about taking them on as a client.

A friend referred someone looking for a simple AdWords account audit. Once the audit was completed and reviewed, I was offered the opportunity to manage the account and others on an ongoing basis.

Another friend referred a client that they had worked with on other marketing initiatives. After a few conversations we both agreed that it was a great fit and decided to work together.

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