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Edlin Choi, Paleo Meals

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Edlin Choi

Paleo Meals

I've been eating Paleo since 2009. After sitting on the idea for a Paleo meal service for a couple years, I finally decided to go for it as I started seeing it gain in popularity. I failed a few times on my own and in Noah's course and took that experience to start Eat Tribal ( really quickly.

My first customers were a few friends who learned a bit about the Paleo diet from me over the years - I called one up and asked if she was interested in paying me to deliver her 5 Paleo meals for the week to her office. She said yes and PayPal'd me. Once it was set in stone that I would be delivering to her the next Monday, it was easy to add on and sell to a few more friends - 7 in total.

After the first week of delivery, their coworkers started asking about it. So to accommodate taking more orders, I set up a landing page and Wufoo form to collect info and payment.

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