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Bridgett Hart, Women's Coach

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Bridgett Hart

Women's Coach

When I decided to go independent as a certified life coach, I spent three months trying to get started (playing business) with business cards, websites, and logo design. I spent a few thousand dollars and didn't make one.

Then, during the course, Noah asked me how I could help someone today - regardless of whether every detail was worked out. I just needed to validate whether my service was one people wanted to pay for or not.

With a goal to under-promise, over-deliver, and give my clients my all, I composed a few facebook, linked in, and twitter messages with an offer of an initial coaching session at a very reasonable price. I followed up with phone calls and texts to the people in my network that most closely resembled my ideal market. I got 6 clients within a week.

As I fulfilled the coaching sessions that had been purchased, I had the opportunity to give my new clients extraordinary value for their money.

Within a few weeks, I had clients referring new clients and I'm currently working with several amazing people around the country!

Today, I use a unique combination of life coaching and daily accountability to help amazing women be even more amazing, and I adore the work I get to do every day!

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Let go of how you think business should work and focus on how you can have the most fun helping someone today.

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