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Brent Riling,

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Brent Riling got it's first three customer by posting about our product in a specific facebook group (HTMYFD)

We posted an Ad to build landing pages for clients at $35 dollars each and provide Google Analytic Support and Heatmap tracking for $25.

Of course these rates were a fraction of what we actually charge now (websites start at $197 which is a STEAL)

Within minutes inquiries started coming in. And minutes later, money started flowing to my paypal account.

First Customer: Bryan Mears of Mears Innovations (

Bryan runs a LED Sign business and needed a landing page that would serve as a place to collect online based leads for his product. I had him fill out a questionnaire, then after a few weeks of testing, trial, and error we built a beautiful landing page that represents his business well.

Pete Arnott of has a neat business which helps people take TED talks and apply them to their lives in practical ways by providing free guides and cliff notes of the talks. We are still working on his site, but it is nearing completion.

Mike G wanted 2 sites built for two businesses he is going to run. One is writing coaching for grad and post grad students. The other is accountability for people who struggle with being on time to their social and professional gatherings and events.

The Tip

To whet your beak

Just offer to serve people for a price they cannot resist. Then surprise and delight them with the results they get! Take a problem away from them, and let them know you are happy to help!

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