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Andre Lang, Consumer Finance

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Andre Lang

Consumer Finance

Originally I started out with a IT recycling business actually, and it was a lot different to my current business. It took a fairly big transformation after deciding the recycling niche was not for me.

To get my first three customers I did a heap of cold calling. I would call up large businesses, schools, universities and about anyone that I could think of that would dispose of IT waste. I would pitch, try get a name of the person, or at-least an email address so I could email them! Then I would follow up a heap and just be really annoying haha!

It worked, I systematized our sales process to a degree, to make sure everyone in the sales team followed the same process.

I have now sold that business and I started which rents consumers the latest computers, tvs, fridges, washing machines and iPads.

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Get your name out there, any way possible! Call, call, call!

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