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Aman, Pink Cubicle

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.


Pink Cubicle

I was working at a bank and within a year of sitting at a desk I knew it wasn't for me. During university I had worked my way through school as a brand ambassador and I realized I missed the excitement and surprisingly the erratic work hours.

I decided four years must be enough experience to try to go at it on my own. I started cold calling companies on my lunch break and within a week lined up five companies who needed staff for upcoming events. I placed an ad on indeed for event staff and set up auditions for the candidates who applied.

I screened staff by looking through resumes and with telephone interviews and photo submissions and let the clients make the final decision ensuring they clicked with their event staff. I was able to keep going with my formula and now have a substantial client base with a growing rooster of event staff working as independent contractors.

The Tip

To whet your beak

Sometimes going out and starting on your own is scary. Try starting out your company in your spare time and generating an income before you give up you full time job.

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