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Adam Gilbert, Body Tutor

How I got my first 3 customers and the steps for you to do the same.

Adam Gilbert

Body Tutor

I was in Corporate America when it hit me.

For basically my entire life, I’ve been giving people health and fitness advice. Whether it was my family, friends or coworkers it was always the same story.

"Adam, I really want to be in better shape," or, "I wish I had more energy," or, "I want to lose weight,” or, “I want to pack on lean muscle," or, "I feel like I let myself go and I want to get back to my old self," etc., etc., etc.

The goals were always the same and so were the outcomes, unfortunately.

"For the first few days, I really enjoyed the diet and exercise plan you made for me but then I got too busy with school or my job or my kids or my friends or my favorite reality TV"...and on and on.

It was January of 2007. At that time I had been at Ernst & Young for over two years in their hedge fund and private equity practice and I realized something...

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, but unfortunately, it’s just too easy to make excuses and procrastinate. It's even easier to lie to ourselves and to rationalize poor eating and lack of exercise. (Especially, after a long day!)

Something had to be done. I set out to create a program that would solve this problem in a big way...

I quit my fulltime job in January of 2007 and launched MyBodyTutor in February of 2007.

Everyone thought I was absolutely crazy, including my mom.

"What are you crazy, Adam? Why can't you just appreciate your job? Don't you know how many kids would love to be in your shoes?"

But I knew I was onto something because I had tested my idea in college with some friends and friends of friends throughout the country.

I created my website. I decided that if I could get people I didn't know to sign up, this could work. If not, I'd do something else.

So, I bought ads on Facebook. Back then, Facebook was only for college kids. And no one really advertised on it.

It was very nerve wracking buying ads because it was a fairly big spend up front.

However, within hours of the ads going live, prospective clients were emailing me with questions.

Sweet. They recognized the value of my service!

I decided to add my AIM screen name (remember those?) to the site because college kids lived on AIM back then. This was a game changer.

One by one, I was having conversations with college kids about my program. I'd talk to some of them for hours!

You have to understand, at this point, I didn't have any success stories or press.

All I had was my story and my promise.

My promise was (and it still is) that if you try my program for a month and don't feel/see results, I'll give you your money back. This worked for some...but for the extremely skeptical, that wasn't enough.

For those, I'd talk on the phone with them answering every possible question.

People were giving me a chance. Slowly but surely, I had so many clients in April of 2007 (3 months after starting MBT) that I actually had to stop advertising.

Since them, I'm very proud of the fact that MyBodyTutor ( has grown via word of mouth because of the results we get for our clients.

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